Mercedes-Benz Augusta donates almost $7,000 to YMCA's "A Place to Dream" program

Mercedes-Benz Augusta donated $100 from every vehicle they sold in May to the YMCA's "A Place to Dream" program; a total of $6,800. The program gives beds to kids in the community who have been sleeping on the floor.

Nathan Cartwright, General Manager of Mercedes-Benz, said deciding to donate to the program was easy. He said, "I think it's priceless to give back to the community that's given to you." 

Sales consultant and event coordinator, De Pierce, said, "Just like anything, you can't help but to cry and say what can I do to help."

The help that "A Place to Dream" brings kids and families in our community means the world. Danny McConnell, President, and CEO of the YMCA said, "To see a child who is 6, 7, 8, or 9-years-old be told for the first time ever that this is their bed--it's life-changing. I've never seen anything like it."

McConnell explained that these children aren't only getting a bed. He said they want to make sure that these children get everything they need. The kids get a pillow, bedspread, and comforter. To make it more personal, they also get a teddy bear, children's Bible and a backpack filled with food.

Since the program started in November of 2018, the YMCA has given 280 beds to children in need.  McConnell said they want to give away 500 by the end of the year. The donation from Mercedes-Benz will pay for 50 more.

Cartwright said, "It's not even about buying a car or supporting [Mercedes-Benz], but supporting the community and helping families and kids get off the floor and giving them a place to sleep."

Pierce added, "We walk around every day and go to sleep in our beds, but you never know what the person next to you is doing."

Mercedes-Benz is planning to raise money again in August. Pierce said they are setting a goal of raising $10,000. The next bed delivery is taking place on June 23. If you'd like to volunteer or make a donation, you can go to

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