Aiken voters head to the polls for Primary

On June 12, voters in South Carolina head to the polls for the primaries. City leaders in Aiken say it is important for each voter to do their homework before arriving at the polls. First, deciding which primary they will be voting in.  The poll manager will ask if the voter wants to vote in the Republican or Democrat primary; the answer will determine which ballot they are given.

Aiken city leaders suggest voters research what will be on the ballot so that he or she does not go in blindsided and is able to make an informed decision. The Registration and Elections office is more than willing to give voters contact information for each candidate on the ballot so they can find out more information. This is the election that will determine who will move forward to represent Aiken and South Carolina.

"I always say local... it is the people that you can actually get to versus the President. Everyone comes out when it is time to vote for the President but you have to understand you are not going to get a say so with the President. But these people they are the voice for you. They can go out and they can get to the President," says Cynthia Holland who is the Director of Registration and Elections for Aiken.

Polls will be open on June 12 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. A sample ballot can be found on
There are two big questions on the ballot:
  • Do you support passing a state law allowing doctors to prescribe medical marijuana to patients?
  • Do you support passing a state law requiring the governor of South Carolina to accept all federal revenues offered to support Medicaid and Medicaid expansion efforts in the state?

AIKEN COUNTY, SC (WFXG) - Voters will also be asked to choose a candidate for Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General.

City leaders are hoping people will come out and vote. However, they are not seeing a significant change in voter turnout compared to past years.

"In our last election with the school bond referendum, we had approximately six hundred voters to come in and vote. With this one, we are over 700 in-house, 900 with mail-in and in-house voters. So it will probably be a 15 to 16% percent turnout. That is, if the rain holds off," says Holland.

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