Nine local entrepreneurs pitch startups at town hall

Nine local entrepreneurs pitch startups at town hall

RICHMOND COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Daniel Scheiner is an Army veteran turned entrepreneur. His business idea took flight in 2016 when he started Skyraider Aeronautics.

"In 2017 we identified $2.2 million on a single farm due to loss - that was when Hurricane Irma rolled through - knocked down about 5,000 trees," said Daniel Scheiner, CEO of Skyraider Aeronautics during his presentation.

It's an agriculturally focused drone company based right here in Augusta. Their drones fly over crops and identify issues for farmers to fix.

"We are a large hub of agriculture in the area. You have peaches in South Carolina you have a lot of agriculture down to the south of Georgia. This gives us very unique access to be able to operate with local farmers and be able to solve their problems for them," said Scheiner.

Schenier wants to be part of the CSRA's technological hub. He believes analytics are the future when it comes to helping a farm impacted by under-irrigation, pests or disease.

"Have that multi-spectral imagery that can be seen, show them our reports, show them how it's integrated and help them understand the nature of drone technology as its coming in," Scheiner explained.

After applying and acquiring a spot in this program, he and eight others took classes at They've been training for this moment for months - thanks to the Kauffman Grant. Events like this give him exposure and experience.

"A lot of these entrepreneurs here today are looking for mentors, financial resources, guidance in their journeys and I think it's great we can come together as a business community to support and acknowledge that," said Blaire Marvin, Vice president of the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce.

One by one Monday, they made their mark. Hoping the contacts and connections will lead to relationships that will launch their growth.

The group will spend the next six months acquiring customers, fine tuning their business model and meeting with potential investors. Click here if you're interested in participating in this program, head to our website. The application process begins in August.

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