After over a year of waiting, Columbia County Fire Rescue gets its third aerial truck

After over a year of waiting, Columbia County Fire Rescue gets its third aerial truck

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Columbia County has a new million dollar addition to their community.  After the people of Columbia County voted the Columbia County Fire Rescue has a new aerial truck, paid for through the 2016 General Obligation Bond.

This customized addition took over a year to make. The firemen say this is not your ordinary fire truck. Lt. Kurt Bleemel says they are able to do way more with this truck than the standard ones.

"We're able to do all kinds of rescues, rope rescue, water rescue, anything where there has to be more complicated rescues or anything like that," Bleemel said.

While they are on the scene of a fire, Columbia County residents can rest easy knowing this truck can pump serious amounts of water. |

"We can pump as much water as you can give to us so we can average around here 1,600  to 1,800 gallons a minute. But we're able to flow up to 2,000 a minute," Bleemel said. 

This $1.5 million truck not only protects the community but protects the ones inside it too. Danny Kuhlmann, Special Operations Chief, says this truck has a lot of safety features. 

"If a car pulls out in front of them they can snatch the wheel over wherein a normal fire truck that would cause the truck to roll," Kuhlmann said. 

The truck also offers a tool to minimize miscommunication among their crew. Firemen now have headphones to communicate with each other that reach up to a 1,000 foot radius. Before the headphones, they were using hand signals to communicate. 

"With our communications, we're able to get out of the truck with our headphones on when we're going to an incident then we can actually talk back and forth where there's no confusion from the chaos of the scene," Bleemel said. 

Out of over 20 fire trucks in Columbia County, this is the 3rd aerial truck. The fire truck will be in service Tuesday.

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