One Year Later: family, friends, community gather to remember Preston Overton

HEPHZIBAH, GA (WFXG) - The Preston Overton Remembrance Ride was held in Hephzibah at 10 o'clock today in memory of Preston Overton. Overton went missing on June 8th, 2017. He was last seen with his friend, Chad Garner, who was found dead on June 11th.

Investigators have presumed him dead, but say there is still an ongoing investigation. Overton's family held the remembrance ride today to honor his memory, as well as raise money for his two children, Autumn and Anthony.

Since the body has not been found, there has not been a death certificate issued for Overton. This has hurt the overall welfare of the children.

Paige Boone, Overton's girlfriend, explained, "Due to no death certificate, [the kids] get no social security or anything like that."

Overton paid the mother's child support without fail and also held the children under his health insurance. Adam Clyburn, the children's grandfather, said, "He wasn't a deadbeat daddy. These children got support from their daddy up until the time he went missing."

Part of the event today was to raise money for these kids. The family raffled off items, and bikers coming for the ride donated money as well. The family said it is important to keep Overton's memory alive. They said they haven't given up in the search.

Boone said, "We still haven't found him, and we just want to remember him. We don't want him to be forgotten."

The motorcyclists rode to Drifter's Bar and Grill in North Augusta, where a concert was held to end the event. The family urges anyone who may know anything about Overton's whereabouts to come forward and share what you know.

If you do know something, you can go to the "Finding Preston Overton" Facebook page and message the administrator, or you can contact the Richmond County Sheriff's Office. Your tip can remain anonymous if you would like it to.

There is also a gofundme to support the children. You can make a donation at

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