Columbia Co. offers Zoning 201 classes for realtors, property owners, residents

For the past year, Columbia County has held Zoning 101 classes for those who are interested in learning about land and development regulations. The classes are held twice a month at the county office and have been helpful for realtors, property owners, and residents. Especially for those who are new to the area because they have questions on what will be in the area next to them, such as 'Will the area stay just residential?' or 'Will a shopping center or industrial facility be coming next door?'"

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - "We definitely recommend - and we do when people talk to us - that you check the zoning around you and on the property you are buying. We do have a lot of people who are curious about what is going to happen around them and we do have the county future land use plan Division 2035 Plan that can kind of give you an idea of what the county sees as happening in that area.", says Danielle Bolte who is a Planner for Columbia County.

That plan can be found on the Columbia County website.
Recently, the county added a Zoning 201 class because people are eager to learn more. Over the past year, there has been an increase in both residential and commercial development in Columbia County from Mullins Crossing to new subdivisions.
Majority of those who are attending the 201 classes are realtors but there have been residents and property owners in attendance as well; all are gaining more knowledge of what is allowed in certain areas. When it comes to residents and property owners they all want to know about a new development 

"Even if it is more subdivision coming they are going to usually bring up issues of traffic or schools and that sort of thing too. They just want to know what is going on and we have an educated community who want to know the facts.", says Nayna Mistry who is a Planner for Columbia County.

While growth can be good for the county it can be a big concern for residents. Most of the time your property or your home is your biggest investment and anytime there are changes going on around it you want to know how it will affect the area.

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