Secretary of the Army visits Fort Gordon and talks about growing cyber field

FORT GORDON, GA (WFXG) - Fort Gordon had a special visitor on Monday. The Secretary of the Army was in Augusta speaking to soldiers and getting a glimpse of the cybersecurity training.

"I've learned a good deal and I'm excited about what I see and I'm taking a lot back to Washington with me," says Dr. Mark Esper.

He says he spent most of his time touring the cyber facilities here on post but what he says he was most impressed by how much cybersecurity has grown.  "I'm confident with regard on where we are on with cyber and where we are going. Much more needs to be done but I'm very encouraged by what I saw with regard to this new realm, this new cyber space."

While he couldn't get into details on what he talked about, he says Augusta has separated itself as a magnet for everything cybersecurity from jobs to training.

"We have cutting edge technology we're using. The education, training is first rate, the people that are coming in are superb," explains Dr. Esper.

With Augusta receiving more than $100 million dollars from the state going towards major projects or Augusta University expanding it's cybersecurity curriculum, Dr. Esper says the C-S-R-A has set itself up to be prepared in case anything happens.

"The key in all of this is to stay ahead of our adversaries and potential adversaries and I'm confident that the cyber school down there knows what they're doing and is doing just that," he says.

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