New colon cancer guidelines

New colon cancer guidelines
New age recommendation for colon cancer (WFXG)
The American Cancer Society recently released updated guidelines for colon cancer screening. The biggest change is the age recommendation it is now lower.

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - "They are no longer recommending that an average risk individual start screening at the age of fifty. They have dropped that age by five years to forty-five that means everyone should get a colonoscopy or other color rectal cancer screening at the age of forty-five.", says Doctor John Whitfield who is the Colorectal Surgeon at Doctors Hospital.

Doctor Whitfield has been expecting this change to come along simply because there has been a rising trend in colon cancer among younger adults. "I can not tell you how many patients I have seen in my office who just turned fifty, fifty-one, fifty-two, or even in their late forty's and they just got their first colonoscopy without any family history, and they have advanced cancer. Once you have advanced colon cancer it is more harder to treat. That is when you may not be a candidate for section and you will likely need chemotherapy."

Going in earlier to get screen can help prevent colon cancer. Doctor Whitfield says eighty to ninety percent of colon cancer can be prevented because it all starts off as polyps and those can be caught early before they turn into cancer.

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