High 5 4 Kids: Teen battling tumors receives support from around the world

High 5 4 Kids: Genesis Reyes

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - High Five For Kids highlights all kinds of inspirational children. This week we're shining the spotlight on a teenager who's already in the social media spotlight.

Genesis Reyes has a medical condition that causes her to constantly battle tumors, but she is not alone in her fight.

Those at her school, and in the community, are standing behind her. They surprised her before surgery, and video of that surprise has reached more than 4,200 people on Facebook.

Since birth, Genesis Reyes has battled an aggressive, incurable condition. At 15 years-old, she's had a surgery every year of her life.

"They cut right here and down," Genesis said, tracing the scar around her head, "and they lifted the cheek up a little bit because the tumors can make the skin sag, so they lifted it up . . . the tumor hits the bone, so it keeps pounding on it till the bone's gone."

As the tumor on her head grew aggressively, she faced another major surgery… one that would take her eye and part of her skull. The odds?

"Fifty-fifty, as in it could work, it could not work. She needed a 100% blood transfusion - the odds were: you're risking your child's life for this," Genesis's mom, Gisel Elsheikh, said.

Elsheikh said Genesis is fighter – an A-B honor roll student, rising above the odds of a developmental disability.

Elsheikh sees her daughter's strength every day, and wanted Genesis to see it too, so she secretly designed shirts, for others to purchase, as a show of support. The shirts read "Her Fight Is My Fight." More than 300 people answered her mother's battle call.

If you'd like to support Genesis you can buy one of the shirts, here. A portion of the proceeds go to neurofibromatosis research.

Dozens joined in on social media, as teachers and students at Grovetown High School wore the shirts on the same day. Her best friend captured it all on the Facebook video, that reached thousands, to show Genesis she isn't alone.

"She's my best friend," Jadyn Gleason said. "I don't care what people say about her, and I don't care how people look at her; at the end of the day we're all the same on the inside."

You can see the teen's smile glowing in that video - a precious sight in her mother's eyes, after three teams of doctors operated for almost seven hours last week.

"She made it out," Elsheik said. "And I was told through the ICU nurses that on her way out of the operating room she was talking. She was talking, so we were very happy and emotional about that," she said, her eyes - holding back tears.

Another battle, won.

"She fought, and she fought hard through that," Elsheik adds, "and I think it was just to support that really got her through, the prayers and the support."

Our "High Five For Kids" segment features children who are shining brightly in our community, kids who do good for others -compete to be the best- or provide inspiration for their peers. If you'd like to nominate a child, send us an email to enews@wfxg.com.

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