High 5 4 Kids: Teen graduates high school with absolutely perfect attendance

High 5 4 Kids: Teen graduates high school with absolutely perfect attendance

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - As student at Glenn Hills High School prepare to walk across the graduation stage, the moment marks a

second accomplishment - finishing school with absolutely no absences.

"It was always such a big thing to my mother, so I just did whatever she told me to do," D' Alexander McGee said.

McGee had prefect attendance, every day since kindergarten, but it's not his only accomplishment.

"With everything that he's been in - track and football and one year of baseball - he managed to maintain good grades, on a roll and became a member of honor society," his mother, Jacqualyn McGee said.

"He has his own expectations," his football coach, Nick Collins said. "It doesn't matter what my expectation is. He could have 10 tackles, but if he missed one, he's more concerned with fixing that one, than the 10 great ones that he had."

All of his work comes in the face of heartache – he lost a grandmother and grandfather within the span of a year, still he showed up for school.

"I just want to make my family proud, that's it," McGee said, with tears in his eyes. "I just want to give back because I've grown up inside of a single mother home, and she helped me through everything, and I just want to make it."

"I am so excited! I'm excited," his grandmother, Angelia Kelley said, laughing with glee. "I'm very happy! I'm very proud! He always was a good little boy, always humble. Never wanted to be late if I had to drop them off at school – 'grandma, I'm going to be late!'"

"Every single day! It's hard enough as an adult, but for a child to come and just be eager about learning, that was huge," his aunt, Katrina Stone said, who is also a teach at Glen Hills High. "And he's graduating! He's put in 12 years, every day."

McGee does have college plans after he walks off that graduation stage. He's set to study nursing at Georgia Military College. He ultimately hopes to become an anesthesiologist.

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