High 5 4 Kids: Henry Stevens IV

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - He's not even 16 yet…And he's already driving the greens with folks more than twice his age.

"Golf is really big for me. To be part of the golfing scene is one thing, but to actually enjoy the game is another," said Henry Stevens IV.
Henry has golf in his blood.

"My dad….you know. He's a huge golfer. He plays golf in the yard. Does golf 24-7," said Henry.

But, golf is not is only hobby. For this 14 year-old…school is his top priority. And his focus on education is paying off.

"I make all A's. I'm in the STEM Program. And I'm on track to graduate early," Henry explained.

And this middle school student can already say he's already meeting his heroes.

"One would definitely be Congressman John Lewis. A Civil Rights Activist. I've met him on several occasions. And, you know, the work that he's doing is really inspiring. And I look up to him as a role model," Henry said.

But Henry doesn't have to go far to for support and guidance. When Henry needs a bit of advice, he heads over to Augusta University to have a heart-to-heart with the athletic director.

"Henry has pretty much been like a grandson," said Coach Clint Bryant, Director of Athletics for Augusta University.

"Coach Clint Bryant. I look up to him. He's kind of like a grandfather to me. We talk ad he's very encouraging and inspiring," said Henry.

And Coach Bryant was immediately impressed with Henry's character.

"It's very seldom today that you see a young man in his early teens with that type of focus. He knows what he wants and knows what he's after. He's set priorities and he's set goals for himself," said Bryant.

Goals that already include plans for after high school.

"I plan to go to Duke University or Harvard university. And I'd like to be a lawyer….you know…entertainment law….real estate law…maybe real estate law…who knows!"