Mayoral Forum held just several days before Election Day

Mayoral Forum held just several days before Election Day
Mayoral Forum held in Richmond County just several days before Election Day

RICHMOND COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Election day is next Tuesday and voters got the last chance to see both candidates vying to be the next Mayor of Augusta.

Voters packed the room in Richmond County to learn more about who they're going to elect as Mayor of Augusta next Tuesday. As Kenneth Eason looked around he says he noticed something else.

"We need young people to come out and participate and see the opportunity the city has and get involved," he says.

He marked this day on his calendar as he wanted to ask both candidates questions that have been looming on his mind including how will the city continues to help aid people living with disabilities.

"There's many people like me and they need opportunities to see a better way so we can all live together," says Eason.

Incumbent Mayor Hardie Davis & his competitor Gould Hagler discussed everything from the controversial stormwater fee, the future plans to make Augusta a destination for retiree's, and pay raises for officers. A topic that has been widely debated over the past several months that both drew different responses.

"I would slash my own mayoral office budget and ask that it be contributed to law enforcement to help them get to be more fully funded," says Hagler.

"We've already done that. In the 2018 budget, we put an additional $1.8 million dollars and this is after we raised every person who works for the city of Augusta's salary without raising your taxes," explains Davis.

Both Hagler & Davis drew loud applause from the crowds addressing certain issues, but next week will be the real test to see if those cheers can turn into votes.

Early voting ends this weekend and election day is next Tuesday.

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