Kangaroo captured after second escape

MCCORMICK COUNTY, SC (WFXG) - The crafty kangaroo in McCormick County escaped a second time after its pen was left open.

The sheriff's office was called out Thursday morning. It didn't take long to capture the animal this time around.

"The attendant that feeds the kangaroo left the gate open momentarily. The kangaroo slipped out and he was on the loose for about 20 minutes. They discovered that he got out and the owners corralled him," said McCormick County Sheriff's Office Maj. Robert Christie.

Maj. Christie said the sheriff's office has gotten lots of calls from across the country after the kangaroo's first escape. He said normally they'll get calls about a cow, horse or donkey outside of its enclosure. They treated this case the same way.

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No, it's not a joke. There is, indeed, a kangaroo on the loose in Clarks Hill, SC.

The McCormick County Sheriff's Office K9 Unit Facebook page posted a photo of the 'roo just after 5:30 a.m. saying "When you get dispatched to an animal in the road and this is what you find". The deputy posting to the Facebook page said they thought dispatch was joking when the call went out.

The sight of a kangaroo just hanging out in McCormick County seems like the stuff of urban legend, but the mischevious marsupial is apparently known in the area. One commenter said, "It lives at someone's house somewhere around Modoc I believe. Every once in a while someone will see it and tell their friends then get told they're nuts."

FOX 54 is following this story. We'll have more info when it becomes available.

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