Renewing bond referendum would improve Edgefield County Schools

EDGEFIELD COUNTY, SC (WFXG) - The Edgefield County School District means a lot to Phillip Musgrave."It gave me my start in education. I was here 32 years and I always had the support of the school board and most of the people in the county and still have a lot of great students that come by and encourage me," said Phillip Musgrave, a former educator who attended Monday's meeting.

He and more than a dozen others took the time to learn about the school district's future Monday night at Douglas Elementary.

"Schools are very important - textbooks its just so important to get a great start in life. It builds a strong foundation, "Musgrave said.

The foundation for renovations, security upgrades and accommodating the influx of students could be supported by renewing a bond referendum. "In 1991, Edgefield County School District passed a bond referendum that paid for the renovation and construction of seven schools. And that bond was retired in March of 2018. The district is in the position now that they need to make a decision," Arthur Northrop, Edgefield County School District Public Information Officer said.

An outside firm conducted a needs assessment and found the renewal could help a lot.

"First of all, student safety. All of our entrances to our schools, once a person is buzzed through our doors, they have direct access to our hallways and to the classrooms," Northrop said.

Those issues and more are why the district is holding four more community meetings. They want your input on what direction they should go in next.

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