Widower remembers wife on Mother's Day

Widower remembers wife on Mother's Day

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Sunday, for Mother's Day, people made sure women in their life got that special bouquet of flowers. A special day to celebrate mothers, whether they are physically here or here in spirit.

Jonas Whitley walked into Martina's Flowers looking for something special for the women important to him. "I'm here to get some flowers for a grave marker, for my former wife and these are the ones I chose," Whitley said. 

Whitley holds the memories he has of his wife close and he wanted her grave site to be well put together for when his kids visited their mother. "Just a moment of remembrance and for the children, because most likely they might be coming home to visit the grave site so we want to just keep the memory going," Whitley explained. 

These flowers were picked specifically for her, as Whitley thought back to what made his former wife happy.  But, he also is getting flowers for his current wife, whom he says has been nothing short of wonderful.

"Just knowing how wonderful she is over the last five years has been, and I just think this array of flowers would fit her. I like the flowers and I just believe that she would actually love them also," Whitley said. 

Whitley says he brings flowers every Mothers Day for his wife of 30 years, whom he said was a great mother. "I don't think you can ask for a better person to be a mother, no way under the sun. She was just outstanding as a mother, I can say that."

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