Tips on heat stroke prevention

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - With summer around the corner, that means more days to chill by the pool or sit on the porch. However, it is important to know the increase in temperature can lead to heat exhaustion or even a heat stroke.

The number one way to prevent heat exhaustion or a heat stroke is to stay cool and hydrated. Although many people are enjoying vacations and outdoor activities during the summer it is crucial that folks spend time inside with cool air. If you do find yourself outside a ton, do not overdo it and take breaks in the shade and stay hydrated. Doctors Hospital warns patients that drinking just any type of liquid does not mean you are hydrated. Water is the best option and Gatorade can be used in conjunction.

Doctor Thomas Zickgraf with Doctors Hospital sees a fair share of heat-related illnesses from heat exhaustion to heat stroke. He says it is important to know the difference. "For heat stroke some of the things you will see: they may complain of a headache, some nausea, and vomiting – one of the hallmarks is they will have an elevated temperature of 104 degrees or even greater, they will not sweat, and they are dry when you touch them. Typically heat exhaustion which is the stage before that so there will be sweating and your body's ability to thermoregulate is lost."

Doctor Zickgraf also warns drivers to not sleep in their car at any point because the temperature inside an automobile is much greater than the outside temperature.

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