Doctors Hospital becomes the only national trauma verified hospital in the CSRA

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Doctors Hospital announced it's American College of Surgeons (ACS) verification this week. The prestigious honor makes the hospital the only ACS Trauma Verified Trauma Center in the CSRA and one of only four in the state of Georgia. The hospital had to undergo certain training and preparations to ensure they are ready for any trauma that comes through the door. The verification equips them to be more qualified when it comes to caring for severe cases in car crashes, gun shot wounds, and falls from extreme heights. Prior before this the hospital has been known for the burn center which is the largest in the southeast.

"A lot of times patients come in from bad car crashes or bad tanker truck crashes. . . where they have not only suffered from trauma but they have also suffered from burns. Prior to our designation those patients would go elsewhere to be stabilized and then come here for their treatment of burns. Now that we have this designation we can take care of the total patient.", explains Doctor Christopher Hogan with Doctors Hospital.

The verification also helps the hospital with providing more health outreach and education among adults and youth in the CSRA.

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