Augusta Twin Peaks rises from the ashes

It's been almost 10 months since the Twin Peaks restaurant in the Augusta Exchange was forced to close. Last June, a former employee ran his car into the restaurant in what authorities say was an attempt to set it on fire.

Smoke billowing into the air and part of the restaurant unnoticeable. This was the scene last June from the Twin Peaks when authorities say this man, Roland Croyle a former worker drove his SUV into the restaurant. Luckily no one was hurt but it forced the popular restaurant to shut its doors.

"I was kind of sad. One of my really good friends was a bartender and she was out of a job," says Amelia Elkins.

"It was real upsetting because this was like my favorite restaurant and we didn't go out anymore after that," says Frank and Adrian Beckles.

Croyle has since been denied bond and is facing several charges including aggravated assault and arson. But his failed attempt didn't put the restaurant out of business as the CEO said it was time to build it from scratch, again.

"We took the opportunity to do everything that we did wrong the first time, correct it and make it right this time," says Coby Brooks, CEO of La Cima Restaurants.

On Monday, we're told the new design is the first of its kind on the southeast region. "Different feel, different operational blueprint, it's completely different from what we've had before," says Brooks.

And it catches the eye of long time customers like Amelia Elkins. "I like the open floor plan a lot better than it was because it's easier to navigate and get around," she says.

The new restaurant includes more than 300 seats and has more than 100 employees; Most of them worked here before. But for customers like Amelia, she's just glad it's back in business. "It's hard to compare because they were both good in their own ways but I'm just happy they're open again."

FOX 54 reached out to DA's office for when Croyle is scheduled to appear before a judge again. We haven't heard back in time for Monday's story. 
The hours will be Sunday through Wednesday 11 a.m. to midnight. Thursday through Saturday 11 a.m to 2 a.m.

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