Community shows up in numbers for Latania Janell Carwell's Funeral

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Almost every parking spot was filled at the Greater Young Zion Baptist Church on Saturday. It wasn't a Sunday service but tears were shed in sadness and happiness as some would say an angel by the name of Latania Janell Carwell has joined God.

"Today I got a little closure. I felt the spirit come up off my shoulder and released some tears because I knew she was home in a better place," says Ray Montana.

Montana is a community activist with Street Justice and has been at the forefront of many community searches for Latania since the 16-year-old went missing last April. "Janell united the city. Without any racial barriers or anything of that nature she united the city," says Montana.

Last month, In the wooded backyard of a home on Golden Camp Road her remains were found… almost 2 miles away from her home. Still… many questions remain that Montana hopes will get answered.

"How did she pass away? Was it (Leon) Tripp that killed her or the mama that killed her?"

As it stands, the District Attorney is seeking the Death Penalty against the Stepfather Leon Trip regarding Latania's Murder. Tanya Tripp, her mother is also facing charges in aiding Leon. And as both sit behind bars, Ray's message is simple.

"We got you, exactly how we said we were going to get you. When you thought we weren't going to get you, we got you and we never gave up on Janell," he says.

Because not giving up on finding her can give many people peace. "It brought us closure. That's why we're here today, that's why we got these shirts on because she will be remembered in our lives for the rest of our lives," says Montana.

Montana's Street Justice says they are planning a Janell Jam next weekend at the Henry Brigham Center for all kids. He says he also has a meeting with the Mayor next week about renaming Golden Camp Road, where her remains were found to Janell Golden Camp Road. FOX 54 will keep you updated on how that goes.

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