$2,000 worth of front porch delivery packages stolen from resident in Burke County

Package thefts usually heighten around the holidays but they are still a regular occurrence throughout the year. One resident in Burke County experienced it first hand this week with packages worth thousands of dollars now in the hands of someone else. FOX 54 spoke with the resident and the Burke County Sheriff's Office on ways this could have been avoided.
Fine jewelry and clothes totaling more than $2,000 dollars that Sabrina Burn may never get back. Sabrina Burns is a traveling nurse who is out of town often but ordering packages is something she does on the regular. Early last week she made purchases online and was expecting packages to be in on April 9. When she arrived to town she saw no boxes left on her porch and after confirming with the post office that the delivery was made she knew right away someone had stolen her orders. Now Burns is wishing she did it all differently.

"It is worth the money to invest in the smart home cameras and I have a secured alarm but that is not going to protect me in this case. Another thing that will safe guard you to is having that signature. .  it does not matter if it is forty dollars or forty thousand dollars -- have it to where you sign and pick it up at the post office.", suggests Burns.

The Burke County Sheriff's Office agrees because of the increase in robbery around the area Chief Deputy Lewis Blanchard gives advice to residents about front door deliveries. "Number one schedule your arrival if possible. Make sure you when you would like the package to be there so you will be at home at that time. If you are not going to do that, the next thing I would do is track my package and I would have somebody who is available that I can immediately call who will pick up my package on my behalf until I get home. It is very easy now, we all have a cell phone, we all have an app; whether its UPS, FedEx, or the United States Post Office. You will know that your package has just been delivered and it is a quick phone call your and friends there and you are good to go."
Law enforcement can only do so much such to help such as filing a report for your insurance and entering a serial number for the stolen items into a database; so that way if any one tries to sell or pawn the items they can track them down. Burke County has a message for those who are stealing packages, law enforcement has ways of tracking you down.

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