UPDATE: Boil water advisory lifted in Waynesboro

WAYNESBORO, GA (WFXG) - UPDATE: The boil water advisory for Waynesboro was lifted Thursday afternoon. The city says it is safe for residents to drink the water without boiling.

UPDATE: The City of Waynesboro was without water for more than 10 hours on Tuesday and overnight because of a water main break. 
The break was caused by a contractor.  But even though the water pressure has returned, the problems are not over for those affected.

"The lord gave us a beautiful day to play and that's what I'm doing, playing with my granddaughter Natalie," says Jerry Sharpe.

It's a change of scenery and certainly a tranquil afternoon for Jerry Sharpe. His granddaughter and many people are here enjoying Waynesboro City Park. 
On Tuesday, working up a thirst in a place like this came with a few challenges.

"I was concerned for the people here in the City. Not for myself because I have my own well," says Sharpe.

Crews were working on that break since late Tuesday afternoon. Using heavy machinery to break up part of the street to get to the source of the problem. Now a day later a different story.

"We're getting back to where we need to be, almost 100%. Everything is flowing the right course now," says Mayor Greg Carswell.

Mayor Carswell says the break is fixed and people should have access to water in the toilet and from the pipe. But the city remains under a water boil advisory until crews have determined the water is safe to drink.

Surrounding Counties including Augusta – Richmond County and even Plant Vogtle stepping up and supplying people with bottled water to get by.

"The community just came together as a whole. They did not think about themselves but the need of their brother and they came together and that was just phenomenal to see," says Mayor Carswell.

And even though the city was back in business sooner than expected, it gives residents like Jerry Sharpe a new perspective. "We don't realize how important water is until we do without it. I was concerned for people in the town," says Sharpe.

One thing Mayor Carswell stressed is continuing to boil your water. 
There's no time-line when that boil water advisory will be lifted but once it is, we'll certainly let you know online and on our news app.

UPDATE: The City of Waynesboro Water Department has repaired the broken water main.  The break was caused by a contractor pulling a service line and tearing a split more than 6 feet long in the pipe.

Water pressure should be restored by mid-morning Wednesday.  Residents should then be able to bathe and flush toilets.  Discolored water and air in the lines should be expected.  Residents are advised to check their water quality before doing laundry.

Bacteriological tests are being performed and are expected to be completed on Friday.  Once the results are received, notices will be posted.  At that time water will be suitable to drink.  Residents are advised to boil water before consumption until further notice.

ORIGINAL STORY: There was no water in the city of Waynesboro Tuesday night due to a broken water main in front of Dairy Queen on Highway 24.  Water will most likely be available for toilets, etc. by Wednesday afternoon and drinking water by Friday afternoon once it is tested for drinkability.  Additional information should be obtained from the Water Department at 706-554-8026.

Dr. Rudy Falana, School Superintendent for Burke County Public Schools has confirmed there will not be any school for teachers or students on Wednesday, 4/11.

PepsiCo is delivering 2 pallets of water to the Sheriff's Office in the early AM for anyone that cannot afford to purchase water it will be provided complimentary (Compliments of Augusta Pepsi Cola).

Please DO NOT call 911 or Sheriff's Office Dispatch with water problems. They are receiving a high volume call rate which could interfere with a true emergency situation."We are receiving a large number of calls on our emergency lines concerning the water outage in Waynesboro.

The city water department is doing everything possible to correct the situation but it appears it is going to take some time.  Please do not call 911 or the Sheriff's Office regarding water issues as you are unnecessarily tying up emergency lines." Stated Chief Deputy Lewis Blanchard.

"The Sheriff's Office does maintain cases of bottled water for emergency situations. Should any family need water that is unable to afford it, please stop by the Sheriff's Office back door to Dispatch and we will be of assistance.  During regular business hours, we will provide water from within our front lobby. We are in contact with the Augusta Pepsi Cola Corporation as they are always extremely helpful in situations such as this and they are working at this time to provide additional bottled water as needed.  Chief Rusty Sanders with Burke County EMA is also speaking with the Red Cross and other entities to assist with our citizens' water needs," Stated Sheriff Alfonzo Williams.

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