Residents are speaking out about rats and bed bugs at Fox Den Apartments

Rats and bed bugs at a Richmond County apartment has tenants speaking out. A woman says she has problems with the pests and management is not doing anything about it.

Last year, Wynona Moore and her one-year-old grandchild were living in a different unit across the street. She says it was infested with bedbugs; they were even painted on the wall. Management made her sign a new lease and moved them to the apartment she is in now which has rats.
"I do not feel comfortable paying rent that I'm scared to be at..  I'm scared to be in this house because these rats are huge and I have a one-year-old grandbaby in here so I'm terrified right now. I have barricaded us in our room because I'm scared to come out. My thing is just do something about it. If you know these tenants are having this issue and I keep coming to you saying something, you know it is infested with bed bugs, you know it is infested with rats just do something about it.", explains Moore.

Moore says F0X Den Apartments has a maintenance text helpline where a response is guaranteed. Moore has texted them since March 2 and still no reply. FOX 54's Miya Payton went to the leasing office to get a response and while they did not want to be on camera they sent FOX 54 this statement:

The management of Fox Den Apartments values our residents and strives to ensure that maintenance requests are handled in a timely manner. Residents have several ways to contact the office to report any maintenance issues (online access, emergency text service or simply coming into the office). In situations involving pest issues, a series of steps may be required in order to treat the issue. Management requests that any tenants having maintenance issues contact the office at their earliest convenience to discuss.
Moore says she and neighbors have reported their issues multiple times. This week she plans to have code enforcement come by to see the living conditions of her place. FOX 54 will keep you updated on this story.

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