Weather doesn't interfere with 3rd round of Tournament as well as Patrons

Weather doesn't interfere with 3rd round of Tournament as well as Patrons

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Saturday is the 3rd round of the Masters Tournament and while the competition is heating up, temperatures are cooling down -- as rain falls around the C-S-R-A. But that still won't stop patrons from going out on the course and enjoying themselves.

"A little nervous. I saw the lightning bolt and I thought maybe we would have gotten today," says Jason Pistillo.

"It's my birthday and I was very hopeful," says Michelle Presnell & Morgan Price. For these 2 Augusta Patrons, there's no missing out on the super bowl of golf, despite the forecast.

"It's my first time. I had someone from Church offer me to be able to come today so I didn't care about the weather, I just wanted to be able to come and check everything out," says Price.

Others say just roll with the punches, a little rain wouldn't hurt anybody.

"It's the Masters. Such a unique opportunity to come out here and watch golf and so you might have to throw on your rain jacket and brave some bad weather but it's definitely worth it," says Matt Daniels from Atlanta.

While many eyes were looking above hoping to stay dry, some people say this day – rain, sleet, snow or shine is one that will be memorable for the years to come.

"Sharing the memories, bringing it home with friends talking about it and having fun. Remembering the good times," says Shrikant Vaidyanathan.

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