Weather worries blow by 2018 Par 3 Tournament

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Par 3 Tournament saw no shortage of fans this year. This rich tradition is meant to be a stress reliever for these golfers on the eve of the most competitive tournaments of the year. And let's not forget their families: wives, children and even grandchildren dressing up and serving as caddies.

But did Mother nature get in the way again?

Patrons were in for a treat Wednesday. The weather held up, the Par 3 is open after fear that this year would be a repeat of last year. Mother Nature did tease a little bit but kept her end of the deal this year.

Michael Gorman, a patron from Houston, says, "It's amazing man, the weather is great. No humidity, surrounded by a bunch of beautiful people."

Last year, disappointed faces were in full effect after the Par 3 Tournament was canceled because of the weather. It's something Cameron Nichols from Clinton was hoping wouldn't happen again. "I was looking at it up in the clouds and I was kind of worried a little bit but I'm glad I was able to watch it."

But the Par 3 surely didn't disappoint some first-timers. Michael Gorman says, "I'm really looking to see who struggles today and I'm going to bet on them in the Tournament."

Wait, what?

"I'm looking more for who struggles the most in the Par 3 Tournament since no one has ever won the tournament has won the Masters."

Oh, that strange superstition that leads some golfers to not take part for fear of performing badly when the puts matter starting on Thursday. Regardless of who wins this tournament, these fans are happy they were just able to witness it this go around.

"I wasn't really expecting it to be this nice, like I knew it was nice but to see it in person seeing it on TV can't really do it justice so it's really nice out here," says Cameron Nichols.

The winner of this year's Par 3 Tournament is Tom Watson. Best of luck to all the golfers teeing off tomorrow.

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