Doctor says travelers often forget the most important essential: medication

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - People from all around are making their way to Augusta for The Masters.

Doctors Hospital says travelers remember to pack clothes, shoes, and electronics but leave behind medication, including daily medication, pain medication in case of injuries, insect repellant, and if you are going to the Masters, definitely some sunscreen.

Doctor Thomas Zickgraf at Doctors Hospital says you never know if you will have to visit the ER during your travel, so make sure you have up to date emergency contact information so the hospital can reach your family to ask questions concerning medical history. "So it is always good to have a complete list of your medications and then I would recommend bringing an extra three day supply so if you leave for seven days  make sure you have at least ten days supply of medication. Travel plans are always a chance especially as we approach the hurricane season so weather patterns may change you may get stuck longer  somewhere than expected so its good to have a little extra on hand."

Of course, you expect to have fun on your vacation but you need to be prepared if something goes wrong. Dr. Zickgraf says ER visits mostly consist of severe allergies, ankle, and alcohol-related injuries during the Masters.

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