Wesley Bryan, William Lanier player/caddy Masters duo both live in Augusta

Wesley Bryan, William Lanier player/caddy Masters duo both live in Augusta
Source: WFXG

(WFXG) - They say there's no place like home.

"Born and raised right here in Augusta, junior high and high school here in Augusta," said William Lanier.

For caddy William Lanier, home is just one mile away from the sprawling fairways of Augusta National Golf Club. Wesley Bryan also calls Augusta home, living just about 10 minutes from the course.

"It's been nice living just a couple miles from the course, getting in practice rounds and becoming more comfortable on the golf course," said Wesley Bryan.

For William Lanier getting to caddy in the Masters is more than a once in a lifetime experience, he also has deep family connections to the course as well. When "Willie" as his friends call him, walks down the fairways, it reminds him of his late grandfather., who grew up on Augusta National, before it was Augusta National.

"He used to describe that area which is now the 12th green, they kinda had a little campsite, it's neat now to be on the property two generations later knowing where he was spending time and now where we are spending time as we go through practice rounds and tournament rounds," said Lanier.

Another feather in the cap Lanier will be able to provide his fellow Augustan this week is his intricate knowledge of the course. Lanier freelances as a yardage book designer.

"Willie is a heck of an artist, he free-hands and has a side business where he surveys golf courses and hand draws yardage books, it's one of his hobbies and also a nice little side business for him," said Bryan.

However Wesley knows it's up to him if he wants to make Augusta an even more special place than where he calls home.

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