Community responds to Latania Carwell's body being found

Community responds to Latania Carwell's body being found

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The body of Latania Carwell has been identified in a shallow grave on Golden Camp Road after being missing for nearly a year. After several search parties and endless prayers, Latania Carwell has finally been found.

And while residents say this closure was much needed, they are saddened to see how her life ended. "I'm relieved but I'm still heartbroken," says Pastor Angela Harden, host of the WEZO The Blaze Christian radio show.

After looking for 16-year-old Latania Carwell for almost a year, her body was found behind a home across the street from where residents and authorities had originally searched for her. "We searched this area almost a year ago, right feets away, right across the street. And this baby was laying across the street hurt, dead, and we didn't know it," says Pastor Harden.

This closure has residents hoping that no other child will ever have to experience a tragedy like this. Some even say that the endless movement to find her has united the city of Augusta. "This whole case broke racial barriers throughout the CSRA. It's humanity over race. There's people riding by, white people, black people with tears in their eyes right now as we speak. So yes, she united the city. That's the sister of the city. And it's not just our city, it was a nationwide thing," says Ray Montana, CEO of CSRA Street Justice Council.

Residents say the power of prayer and diligence of the community brought her home. "And I just want to thank the city. And I think Janell want to thank the city. I'm going to thank the city for Janell that her spirit is now resting and I thank y'all," says Montana. Pastor Harden says, "Lord thank you for bringing Janell home. It didn't happen the way we wanted it to happen, but He did it. He did that and we will never forget Janell."

Right now the Richmond County Sheriff's Office is looking at this as a homicide investigation. Fox 54 will continue to keep you updated with more as we receive it.

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