Drive-in movies theaters enjoying resurgence as "The Big Mo' celebrates 20 years

MONETTA, SC (WFXG) - There are a lot of good movies out right now, and there's a resurgence in a retro way to watch them, at a drive-in movie theater.

For most people in the CSRA, it's a long drive down country roads to make it out to Monetta.

When you do, it's like driving right into the 1970s. From concessions to signs, a retro feel all around.

Lisa Boaz and her husband rescued the Monetta Drive-In theater after having the unique hobby of traveling to check out closed down drive-in theaters.

"I had thought that maybe we would eventually have a drive in museum. Never in a million years did I think we would operate and own a drive in," said Boaz.

Lo and behold this year they are celebrating 20 years in the business, having seen just about everything.

"We bought the land in '98, started working on it, worked hard for a whole year and opened it up in '99," said Boaz.

You'll remember the switch from analog to digital about 8 years ago. Boaz said it took down many of the drive-ins who couldn't afford to
buy an entirely new digital system to show the pictures.

"Since the projectors are now digital, they are not 35mm film anymore it's a lot more expensive to get into the business," said Boaz.

Boaz was able to upgrade and it seems to be paying off. In their silver anniversary of ownership year, more people are getting into the drive-in business.
A family-owned drive in is being built about two hours from Monetta in Hartsville and one is also being built across the country in Omaha, Nebraska.

"They are outside, you can talk to the person next to you, or you can sit in your car and be by yourself," said Boaz.

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