Grovetown residents voice concerns about roads in Mayor Jones State of the City address

Grovetown residents voice concerns about roads in Mayor Jones State of the City address
Grovetown's State of the City address with Mayor Gary Jones and the city council addressed the city's struggles and recent success. Mayor Jones stressed the importance of looking towards the future in his address. He briefly discussed the closed investigation of the former city clerk and moved on to developing Grovetown as a city of progress.

GROVETOWN, GA (WFXG) - With the city's residential growth, traffic, narrow roads, and construction haven't quite been able to keep up. Several of those residents expressed ongoing concerns about excessively backed up traffic and not enough sidewalks during the Mayor's address. "We don't have enough sidewalks for the kids to go to the community center. They actually walk in the middle of a very dangerous road. That road is going to have traffic quadruple probably when Gate 6 opens," says 4-year Grovetown resident, Carla Harrison.

A major concern from residents was construction workers haphazardly flagging traffic and the dangers of head-on collisions. "The construction, they don't have adequate people dealing with the traffic. We've had flaggers not communicate with each other and actually have both lanes of traffic hit head-on because they weren't paying attention," says Harrison.

City Administrator, John Waller, says that after speaking with Colonel Todd Turner of Fort Gordon, there could be money allocated to expand and fix roads at Gate 6, but it could take nearly a decade. "To put a connector from I-20 down to Gate 6. Now that's far in the distance, no money has been allocated for that. It takes about 7 years, from the time it's dreamed up to you go through all the environmental protection, historical, checking things out, acquiring rights of weight, getting it budgeted," says John Waller.

Right now, Harrison is thankful that Grovetown now has the right leaders in place who will hopefully help Grovetown to catch up with its exponential growth. "With our new professional leadership in our city, we now have a city manager which we never had before. We have more professionals in place in this city now than we've ever had. So hopefully they're looking at the city as an entire city and not just little pieces and they're going to deal with the infrastructure," says Harrison.

Grovetown city council says they are actively working to improve the city and take advantage of all the opportunities they will have in the future.

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