Richmond County Probation Office talks about drug testing gimmicks

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Richmond County Probation office has a message for those who think they can get away with cheating on drug test: They're onto you.

"I wish I could show you some of the things that people use I think that you will be thoroughly surprised.", says Nikki Butts who is the Interim Chief for the Richmond County Probation Office.

Synthetic urine and the use of someone else's urine will cause you to fail testing. The probation office stays up to date with the newest gimmicks and as of right now offenders are using detoxes to try and clean their urine or attaching an apparatus to their body containing someone else's urine or synthetic urine.
Butts says offenders do these gimmicks because they know they will fail and figure they will try as a last option. "If you are trying to manipulate the system you would obviously fail so then you are failing to comply with what the judge ordered."

The county does not see it often but are able to catch those who try to cheat because their testing minimizes the chances through monitored testing which means a staff member goes into the restrooms with the offender.

"Most people look at it as an inconvenience but it is really the judges way to help people stay on the strait and narrow. It is a tool to help and people do not view it that way." says Butts.

It is important to note probation is already an alternative to going to jail so if caught an offender can face tough consequences; one being a judges order to be sent to jail.

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