Team 21 Studio uses virtual reality gaming to help veterans

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - Two video game developers are taking the gaming experience to the next level. Video games don't always have to be about catching the bad guys or racing. It can be used as a therapeutic rehab to help those who've been injured.

And that's just what Team 21 Studio is doing with veterans at the VA Medical Center. "They were interested in learning about augmented reality, which something we'd still like to get into, and the virtual reality which is what we're currently doing. And reached out and said they're interested in using it for rehabilitation for paraplegics, quadriplegics, anybody with a spinal cord injury," says Arthur Fogle, with Team 21 Studio

The team of brothers developed a passion for gaming over the years after they dabbled in mobile app games and they created the fast growing family VR game Fat Foods.

And now they're touching the lives of those who have gotten to experience custom-made virtual reality simulations. "There's a gentleman, I believe his name was Andrew, that he used to ride a motorcycle and he loved hanging out with his motorcycle buddies. And now he's kind of stuck in the hospital most of the time. The first thing for him, I loaded up a little 360 video of just somebody recorded a motorcycle rally. And he was just hanging out with a bunch of people and he was crying," says Xander Fogle.

The Fogle brothers say influencing the lives of injured veterans like Andrew is something they could've never imagined. "We cried when we got back in the car. We did. Honest to God, we really did. And we thought if we can do this, if we can actually make people feel. It's one thing to say we're going to help people. It's another thing to meet them and see how it affects them. That's amazing and there isn't, there's no cost you can put on that. There's no price tag that can be put on that," says Arthur Fogle.

The Fogle brothers say their goal is to expand into augmented reality and retinal scans for those who can only move their head, eyes, or just breathe.

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