Burke County family in need of community help to build handicap-friendly home

BURKE COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - The Burke County Sheriff Office is asking for the community's help to provide a fully modified home for a local family in need. Christopher Grubisa, husband and father of three, survived a severe form of meningitis that almost took his life.

After walking into the ER assuming he had nothing more than the flu, Christopher and his family soon found out that his life would be changed forever. He survived the devastating illness - but doctors were forced to amputate his feet and hands. Now, the Grubisa family says that prayer and medicine is what's keeping him alive.

"He would give you the shirt off his back if he knew he could help you," says Sandra Grubisa. Words Sandra Grubisa uses to describe her son recovering from a deadly form of meningitis.

Doctors at University Hospital say they had not treated a case like this in 26 years. The first night Christopher was admitted, his family was told that he would not survive past midnight. "You were able to get up, get dressed, brush your teeth, brush your hair, put your clothes on. Imagine waking up one day and you not have those things," says Grubisa.

For 125 days Christopher was in bed recovering and has now been transported to Shepherd Center in Atlanta and has begun physical therapy.
"He never gave up. He's still not giving up. And he never will give up. He's the strongest man. He's my hero, how about that," says Nick Grubisa, father of Christopher.

After getting word about this family, the Burke County Sheriff's Office immediately started to spread the word in the community to raise funds. "We felt compelled that Chief Alfonso Williams would take it on himself to do something like this. And it's wonderful that things like this could happen and help him and get him into a house," says Allen McCleroy, Burke County resident.

The Neville family of Burke County donated more than 2 acres of land to Christopher and his family to build their new ADA home. The Grubisas say they are grateful for all the community has done to help them. "We can't thank them enough for doing that for Amber, Christopher, Madeline, Aubrey, and Sander," says Sandra Grubisa.

"What they've done, it's immeasurable. It's amazing what people come together to do," says Nick Grubisa.

While this a very difficult time for them, the Grubisa family says they believe Christopher will overcome this battle. "He will walk them down the aisle during their weddings, at their weddings. He will also help his son become an Eagle scout like Christopher was an eagle scout. He will help them. He will be back to being Christopher again," says Sandra Grubisa.

Sandra Grubisa encourages everyone to ask their doctors about the meningitis booster vaccine that will protect them from Meningococcal Nisseria Meningitis.  If you'd like to donate electric, plumbing, construction supplies or make a monetary donation to the family, you can drop off a donation at the Burke County Sheriff's Office or click here.

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