Expert tips on sprucing up your lawn and garden this spring

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Many people turn their attention to their lawn and garden this time of year, but you need to be careful about what you plant. The CSRA can still see a frost or freeze during the month of March.

Experts say to start small. Plant hanging baskets, small pots, or small flower beds, items that can be brought inside or easily covered if the weather gets too cold. Snapdragons, dusty miller, and pansies can tolerate another frost or freeze, but experts warn about planting too much too soon.

"It's really this time of year about doing things in phases," said Milledge Peterson of Bedford Greenhouses. "Everybody just wants to jump in full throttle and get it all out of the way. We really just recommend taking off little bites at a time. That way you don't burn yourself in the end."

You can plant larger flower beds and vegetables in early April, when the threat for a frost or freeze has passed.

If you're looking for planting ideas, watch the video above.

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