Taxpayers try to scam the IRS

Taxpayers try to scam the IRS
Taxpayers try to scam the IRS

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Some people are trying to scam the Internal Revenue Service with their taxes and there are penalties someone could face for lying about dependents.

As you get ready to file your taxes there is something important you should know. The IRS is using strong tactics to look for tax payers who are claiming children who they are not taking care of. This is a scam that the IRS knows well and takes seriously. Tax preparers at HT Harris Tax Service says the IRS works two years behind but eventually you will be penalized.

"You have to prove that family lineage. . . you have to come up with birth certificates . . . report cards to verify that is your biological family. When you can not do that you have to repay the money and you get disallowed you get banned from having that privilege of earned income tax credit for a couple of years.", explains Loretta Smith who is a tax preparer at HT Harris Tax Service.
Tax preparers can also scam their customers. Smith says be careful and make sure you are going to credible agencies and individuals who are registered with the IRS and are knowledgeable of tax laws. The IRS will always hold the tax payer accountable for false information. "There are tax preparers who have ways of having the deposits put in to their accounts and then they write you a check and that happens a lot."

If you do have a private individual preparing your taxes be sure to double check the information they are sending out.

(Loretta Smith / Tax Preparer for HT Harris Tax Service)
"Not only you as a tax payer can be penalized but the preparer can be penalized $510 for each credit that they fraudulently put on a tax return.", says Smith.

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