Mother of student who brought loaded gun to Southside Elementary arrested

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - According to the Richmond County Spokesperson, a Pre-K student brought a loaded gun to Southside Elementary Wednesday Morning. Now, the student's mother is facing charges. It happened at Southside Elementary in Richmond County.

Quinniquetta Cole is being charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The young child won't be facing any disciplinary action.

There was a letter sent home notifying parents that no one was injured and the gun was noticed by a teacher in the student's backpack. It was immediately reported to administration and the RCBOE police.

"Mama there was a gun in my class, my class? He was lost, he didn't even know." It's hard for Deangela Palmer to put into words what went through her mind after finding out a child in her son's class had brought a gun to school. "It's scary, it's something I don't ever want to go through again."

Investigators arrested the mother, Quinniquetta Cole. They say they believe she put the gun in the bag.

Richmond County BOE Spokesperson Kaden Jacobs says, "The family was moving so Mom had placed the gun into the backpack with every intention to take it out once they got to their new place. She forgot and the student took it to school."

Given the current mood across the country about guns and schools, Palmer has her own suggestion on how the school district should address this. "They need metal detectors checking these students. About a month ago there was another altercation where a child brought a knife to school."

This isn't the first time an elementary student in Richmond County brought a weapon to school. Last year, a student brought a loaded gun to C.T Walker Magnet.

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