High Pollen levels in the C-S-R-A affecting allergies

High Pollen levels in the C-S-R-A affecting allergies

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Spring is in just a couple of weeks, one thing we're experiencing besides warm temperatures is early Pollen. With the flu and other viruses going around, the last thing you want is for your allergies to cause you issues because of the pollen. The C-S-R-A been seeing medium - high levels of pollen the past couple of weeks according to Pollen.com .

Here are some tips.

  1. Take off your shoes at the door so that way you don't track it into the house.
  2. Also, try not to have your windows open during peak pollen time which is considered early in the morning.
  3. Try to wipe off your own skin. Your skin holds pollen and that can trigger allergic reactions while you sleep.

FOX 54 spoke with a Doctor at Medical College of Georgia who says we're a couple of weeks early then what we thought it might be. So to have your body in the best shape to help fight off these allergies, take your allergy medicine sooner rather than later.

"If you start your medicines early and your symptoms never get bad as a result, then it's a lot easier to take care of but if you wait for all the pollen to be out and then take your medicine it takes a while to get better," says Dr. William Dolan.

A different alternative to the over the counter medicine, there are allergy shots which people have been using for hundreds of years to help DE-sensitize the body to these types of things.

If you have any questions or may think your body responds differently, see your allergist.

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