Mayor Davis gives State of the City address at Augusta Technical College

Mayor Davis gives State of the City address at Augusta Technical College

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Mayor Hardie Davis Jr. gave his State of the City Address February 27, 2017 at Augusta Technical College to review the city's progress and plans for tomorrow. He touched on Augusta becoming a city of innovation, housing development, and his hopes for the James Brown Arena, which ended in an immense standing ovation from the audience following his address.

During the Mayor's address he applauded the Augusta Regional Airport's growth, the Cyber Command Center of Excellence's impact on the city, and the pay increases to city workers without raising city taxes.

Because of this, Mayor Davis says that Augusta is becoming an ever growing city for people to grow their families. "That's phenomenal when you look at the impact that it's making in our city, the number of jobs that its provided to the tune of about 4,700 jobs. Clearly Augusta has moved beyond a place of potential, to being a place of opportunity, to being a place where people want to visit, where people want to raise their children. That is the Augusta that we are leading," says Mayor Davis. Jr.

The Mayor's One Augusta slogan rang loud as he advocated for more affordable housing and business developments in Downtown and South. "But without question, we have to provide affordable housing in downtown. We're pleased to announce today that this Commission agreed to have the Foundry Place Project moved forward. A $37.5 million investment from our Housing and Community Development Department will break down in April of this year in the Foundry Place Project," says Mayor Davis Jr.

And President of Augusta Technical College, Terry Elam, agrees that more housing and innovation will continue to make Augusta a thriving city. "We need to work on the momentum as he said for housing, for economic development, throughout the community. That's very, very important. This pie is big enough that everybody gets a piece of it. And I think that's in essence what he said. Is that we're at a point now we don't have to have winners and losers. We can just have winners if we work together," says President Terry Elam.

His goal is to make the CSRA a well-rounded city, promoting progress in every area. "And in order for Augusta to be her strongest, we must have people living and working and playing downtown every single day. It will cause our businesses to thrive and it will cause Augusta to be better than she's ever been before," says Mayor Davis Jr.

Some of Mayor Davis's future plans include Augusta continuing to be a city of innovation and technology and merging every area of the city together as one.

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