Burke Co. Sheriff's Office reminds citizens of efforts to end drug, gang violence

BURKE COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - The Burke County Sheriff's Office is reminding citizens of their efforts to stop drug and gang violence.

This comes after three males under the age of twenty, the youngest only sixteen, were charged with murder a few weeks ago. Law enforcement already has a huge presence in areas where there is a lot of drug crime activity. And they have been working in programs such as CHAMPs and Camp Impact that encourages young people to make healthy decisions. Their main focus now is targeting drug dealers who are selling and influencing the youth.

Chief Deputy Blanchard tells me in the last year, every single murder in Burke County has been over drugs. "Generally speaking it is a young male that has killed another young male. When a sixteen-year-old commits an act such as that, it's hard to word it quite this way, but there is no time left to spend with that individual. We have got to spend time with those who still have an opportunity."

Chief Blanchard also says parents are going to be the first to notice signs of gang behavior. Their goal is to make sure drugs aren't available on every corner.

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