Neighbors react to murder of Jazna Timmons

Neighbors react to murder of Jazna Timmons

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - It has been 5 days since Jazna Outlaw Timmons was shot by husband Richard Timmons Jr at the Georgia War Veterans Nursing Home. This morning the Richmond County coroner released that 34-year-old Jazna Timmons's family had been notified.

Her body will be sent to GBI Atlanta lab for an autopsy. Authorities are still on the lookout for Richard Timmons Jr. The strained domestic disputes between Jazna and Richard Timmons reached their breaking point Friday when Jazna was shot and killed at Georgia War Veterans Nursing Home. 911 call records from the Richmond County Sheriff's Office show that Jazna and Richard Timmons have had domestic disputes in the past. At least five domestic-violence related calls were made in the last several years in regards to the couple.

Since Friday's murder, the Timmons home has been taped off as officers continue to investigate the home and get clues on the murder and Timmons's whereabouts. Resident of the neighborhood and mother, Alishia McCrary, says she can't imagine if this ever happened to her daughter. "Wow, that's a lot to take in as a mother, as apparent. Because no situation is ever that serious for somebody to die over," says Alishia McCrary, a resident of the neighborhood.

Residents say they didn't know much about the family and they never suspected someone from their subdivision was capable of murder. “I live around a whole bunch of older people. So, we kind of all look out for each other around here. It’s super sad because it’s a quiet neighborhood, nothing like that I ever heard of really happened around here," says McCrary.

McCrary says that she hopes the family stays strong in the midst of this terrible tragedy. "I'm sorry for your lost. Keep God first. She's in a better place, hopefully. For the kids, like that it's super sad that they are going to up without their mom and their dad. But just for the family, keep them supported. Keep them lifted up. Keep prayer in it," says McCrary.

Timmons was last seen in a 2010 White Chevrolet Traverse with a Georgia tag. And he is facing charges of murder and possession of a firearm.

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