Congressman Joe Wilson talks tax cuts in Aiken

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - Congressman Joe Wilson from South Carolina's District 2 was in Aiken Monday talking about the success of President Trump's tax cuts.

Wilson was at Whiskey Alley restaurant in downtown Aiken, saying the recent tax cuts are helping local businesses thrive. Aiken's Norman Dunagan, the owner of Dumpster Depot and Whiskey Alley, joined Wilson to affirm how the tax cuts have helped his businesses.

Wilson cited a recent study by Business Roundtable to back up his points. "Nearly half a billion dollars are being provided to employees, 1.6 million in bonuses to employees, and 1.2 billion dollars in charitable donations the consequences of this just keep on going and are very positive."

Afterwards, Wilson presented Dunagan with a signed plaque.