Fort Gordon opens on-post flu clinic

Fort Gordon opens on-post flu clinic

(WFXG) - When a simple cough can have a huge impact on the U.S. military, it's time to take action.

For the first time - Fort Gordon has set up its own flu clinic on post.

Kleenax, face masks and more face masks are a common sight on post at Fort Gordon.

"We've seen over a thousand patients with flu and flu like symptoms just in the last two weeks at Eisenhower alone," said Mackenzie Morgan, infectious disease provider at Eisenhower Medical Center.

The flu outbreak has gotten so bad, overwhelming the normal emergency room on post, that Fort Gordon officials have
turned the family medicine clinic into it's own efficient flu clinic.

"It allows us to have the patients with flu in one location, so it protects the healthy patients in the rest of the hospital from being
contaminated with the flu virus," said Colonel Andrew Friedman, deputy commander of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Medical Center.

Friedman said after the high numbers of patients they got together and decided they would create their own clinic.

"We took last Friday to plan it and over a couple days just put it all together," said Friedman.
"It also increases our patients a little bit quicker cause usually those with flu get seen those faster than those with regular every day problems."

Major Mackenzie Morgan says they already saw 140 patients on day one and expect to see even more throughout the day.

"We have never done this before, this is a novel approach for us. So hopefully will be really beneficial for our patients," said Morgan.\

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