Safety concerns arise amid budget cuts at GA federal prisons

ATLANTA, GA (WFXG) - The Department of Justice is reducing staffing even more at federal prisons in Georgia after finalizing a new budget, which has some guards fearing for their lives.

Guards say there aren't enough of them to keep these convicts under control. Understaffing in a prison it can be deadly. After digging through the Bureau of Prison's budget report, their committee strongly recommends additional staffing.

The inmate to correctional officer ratio is unsafe for both the inmates and the staff. They say the shortages will not affect any operations.

Georgia Congressman Buddy Carter says safety should always be a priority. "Any prison guard who feels like they might be in danger, I strongly encourage them to get in touch with our office. Let us look at the particular situation. We'll bring it to the attention of the Department of Justice and it will be addressed."

The Bureau of Prisons says the new budget has not yet been enacted. Union President Davis says now is the time to reach out to your local Congressman if this worries you.

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