The Avery House project is working to end homelessness for veterans

The Avery House project is working to end homelessness for veterans

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Two women along with the Augusta Warriors Project and the Men in Mission from First Baptist Church are partnering together to renovate a 100+ year old home for homeless veterans.

They're calling it The Avery House, in respects to the home's last owner. This home will be one of many to house, provide counseling, and resources to veterans of all ages, wounded or not. But this wasn't there original plan. The ladies originally wanted to turn the home into a conference and counseling center.

"Then my husband, who is a Vietnam veteran, and he was telling me about the veterans don't have a place to stay, being homeless and they had other needs. And then we started talking to each other and we decided well we need to turn this all the way around," says Macie Beck King with The Avery House project.

After a long home ownership and funding process with the city, Williams and King decided to reach out to the community. "Thank God for the Men in Mission. First Baptist Church. And they work on houses for veterans and their families. So, that's how they are interfacing with us. They're going to be one of the sets of volunteers to help in this effort," says Arlean Edwards Williams, Veterans Housing Director.

They're also asking that people in the community donate building supplies such as wood, paint, and tools or even volunteer to help renovate the house. The Avery House will stand out because it is designed to be an endless home for veterans where they will not be required to leave or transition out of they don't want to. "With a shelter you have the volume of persons that you're servicing. So you have to rotate, transition out by 8am and in by, no this is their home," says Williams.

They say in the future, they see the home being a safe haven and token of appreciation for veterans and their families. "Five years down the road, the Avery House means a great big God bless you and thank you to those veterans, men and women, that sacrificed their life for our safety," says Williams.

The Avery House will provide full time counseling services, daily catered meals, and job training resources to all its veterans.

If you'd like to donate or volunteer to help renovate the Avery House you can contact Arlean Williams at or Rick Herring with the Augusta Warrior Project. Rick Herring of Augusta Warrior Project also says that any veterans looking for resources and assistance can call 706-951-7506.

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