Victim's family speak out on deadly fire in McCormick

Victim's family speak out on deadly fire in McCormick

MCCORMICK COUNTY, SC (WFXG) - A gruesome discovery for firefighters in McCormick County this morning when four people are killed in a house fire. When crews arrived on the scene they found a double wide trailer, flames coming from nearly every window.

According to the McCormick County Coroner's Office, the fire happened around 12:30 a.m. on Greenfield Road and took the lives of a father, three children and a dog. Justin King says his cousin 25-year-old cousin Nathan Rough lived in this trailer with his three kids: Jalissa, James, and Jordan. Those close to Rough say he was a father who loved his kids. "Prime example he died trying to get them out of that house granted they went with him . . but he tried.", says Justin King.

The entire family is devastated and shocked by this tragedy. Rough's Aunt Janice King says it is a horrible start to the new year but they have felt the love of the community which soothes the pain a little. City leaders, friends, and strangers all stopped by to show they care. "Being a small town like McCormick you wouldn't think all the people in McCormick could come out and give support to the family and all the prayers but McCormick County does that."

The family will never be the same without the four lives lost today but Justin King says Rough left a life to follow. "It's hard to explain really but he done it. He made things work the way they should have worked. It is really good to see somebody you know take care of three kids and be a single father the way he did."

During this time of grief the family is looking to their faith for understanding and reminiscing on the good memories. "Don't ever take life for granted and please cherish your little ones.", says Janice King.

The autopsy results have not yet been released and the fire is still under investigation. FOX 54 will be sure to tell you updates as we get them.

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