Three Kings Day brings the gift of health awareness

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC (WFXG) - Three Kings Day is a day to celebrate the commemoration of the arrival of visitors with gifts to the newborn baby Jesus. On this Three Kings Day, Medical Associates Plus and Blue Choice partnered together to give the gift of health awareness and resources to the residents of North Augusta.

"My job is to target more the Hispanic community and we have partnered with not only the Hispanic but the entire community. But yes, the Hispanic community because it's growing in the CSRA area and we want to make sure everybody's aware that there is preventive care, what it is, and how important it is for the entire family," says Maria Hernandez, Bilingual Community Outreach Liaison for Medical Associates Plus.

This event brought together several health vendors in the community in order to get the knowledge to those who otherwise wouldn't have access or know them. "Aiken is my area and we wanted to bring awareness and resources and health awareness to this area because sometimes this population goes without getting those resources," says Nigel Pate, Senior Outreach Specialist for Blue Choice.

Those vendors came together to not only educate residents about health options, programs, and resources. But also to provide on sight vision and health screenings. "We have Hope Health. We have Aiken Regional here to do health screenings. We have Federations for Families, Aiken Center, we just have a lot of resources to bring not only to this area, but the whole surrounding area. And fun for the kids," says Pate.

And Bounce 2 Gamez made sure to bring the gift of fun for the children.

"It feels great. It feels awesome. Always interacting when it's for the kids. Yes. We'll do a lot of fundraising and we'll just come to just show support as well," says Ricky Winfrey with Bounce 2 Gamez of Augusta.

Hernandez and Pate says their main goal is for the community to know that these resources are here to serve and care for them. They say they see their Three Kings Day event growing bigger and bigger each year.

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