Johnston resident loses home in house fire New Years Eve night

JOHNSTON, SC (WFXG) - One Johnston resident has suffered the loss of his home that stood throughout 3 generations. Steven Williams says he and his family and friends were shooting fireworks New Years Eve night when his home caught fire.

Although a bitter start his new year, Williams is surprisingly hopeful and still optimistic. "Got to hold your head up and do what you got to do," says Williams.

Williams didn't know his home of 35 years was in flames until someone told him to lookup. I asked him how he could remain so calm after a tragic incident like this and be at peace. "Because I know it's going to be a bunch of people that come forward to help me out and try to help me get back up. And there's a God up there. Got to believe in God," says Williams.

Family members say Williams lived alone. Just he and his dog Mojo. This home holds 3 generations of memories and he says it's tough to see it in ashes. "Barbecues, and having little gatherings, and parties. It's good times here," says Williams.

Mayor Culbreath of Johnston says he urged Williams to contact the Red Cross immediately. He also is working on reaching out to residents for donations to aid Williams. "When you lose your home, people don't think about where do you put the donations. So, I told Steven, we're more than willing'. I've walked through his yard even when I wasn't supposed to has a young boy. So, to see him go through something like this, it just, you know, it breaks your heart," says Mayor Terrence Culbreath.

Williams says just being able to get back on his feet and into a new home will feel unreal. "Feel like I'm in heaven. I'm in heaven. Keep moving forward. That's all you can do," says Williams.

Williams says he is just grateful that no one was hurt during the fire and that the community of Johnston is pulling together to help him.

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