Augusta residents and businesses prepare for Rose Bowl

Augusta residents and businesses prepare for Rose Bowl

The Georgia Bull Dogs competed in the big Rose Bowl tonight and the Georgia couldn't be more excited. Wild Wing Café prepared themselves for a lively crowd for the Georgia vs. Oklahoma Rose Bowl game.

Staff and customers were all hoping for one thing.

"I'm looking to the bulldogs winning the Rose Bowl. That's what I'm looking forward to," says Daniel Scholer, manager of Wild Wing Café on Washington Road.

"Hopefully a Georgia win," says Brooke Bella, employee with Wild Wing Café.

Daniel Scholer says they stocked up on plenty of beer, food, and extra staff to help to plan for the big event. This is the first time in a long time since the bulldogs have played in a game this big. "It's a big game. It's probably the biggest Georgia game that most people around here have ever been alive because they've got a shot at the national championship," says Scholer.

Evans native and lifelong Georgia fan, Brooke Bella says it's amazing to be able to see the team make it to the Rose Bowl. "It's really nice considering that Georgia really hasn't gone this far in such a long time. So, let's hope we can keep it going and get to the greatest. The national championship," says Bella.

Wild Wing Café staff says they were expecting a lively crowd during the game. "Definitely a lot of emotion for sure. Like, you know, when they're winning and doing good a lot of screaming. When they're not doing so good, maybe a lot of name-calling, cursing, and all that good stuff too," says Bella.

Georgia and Oklahoma both came to the field to put up a great fight for a spot in the nationals. But the swarm of emotions all led to a celebration as the Bulldogs pulled in a win for the peach state.

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