This is the season for Holiday Heart

This is the season for Holiday Heart
This is the season for Holiday Heart (wfxg)

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - As you and your family prepare for the holidays, Doctor's Hospital wants you to be mindful of a condition they see a lot of during this time of year. Its called Holiday Heart.

According to Doctor's Hospital there is an increase in alcohol related visits to the emergency room from Christmas to the new year. Dr. Thomas Zickgraf who is the Medical Director of the Emergency Room, says a condition called Holiday Heart is common during this time. It is when alcohol has a direct toxic effect to the heart tissue and puts the heart into abnormal rhythms which increase the risk for strokes and arrhythmias that can potentially be fatal. "Someone with Holiday Heart may experience palpitation, they may feel like their heart is racing and may feel light headed — like they are going to pass out."

As you celebrate the upcoming week remember moderation is key and consuming on a full stomach can slow down the absorption. But if you are drinking large amounts of alcohol very rapidly that can heighten your chances for danger.

"Gender plays a big role in being able to break down the toxics of alcohol. Women shouldn't consumer more than one alcoholic beverage per day on average and men the recommendation is no more than two drinks per day. ", explains Dr. Zickgraf.

As it shows every year there will be many who consumer too much. And some will be lucky to only experience a hang-over. The doctor says there is a common misconception that people do. Avoid medications like Tylenol after heavy consumptions to treat headaches or myalgia. "That is processed by the liver and that can further injure the liver after it has had an insult from the alcohol."

He also says plenty of rest and staying hydrated with water is the better option. Remember if you do drink alcohol do it in moderation in order to keep your heart healthy during the holidays.

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