Less than 130 days from opening; Augusta Greenjackets unveil new Logo

Less than 130 days from opening; Augusta Greenjackets unveil new Logo
Augusta Greenjackets Source: WFXG

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - We're less than 130 days away from the grand opening of SRP Park, the new home for the Augusta Greenjackets. And with major changes around the park in North Augusta, today there was a special announcement: the brand new logo unveiling.

At first glance, you might think "who's the new guy?"

Jeff Eiseman, President of Augusta Greenjackets says, "We wanted to make sure if we're going to remain a bug, we're going to give it a different look and a different feel."

The Augusta Greenjackets baseball team has a new and improved logo for when the team opens up at the new stadium in April. With Auggie's entire body coated in green, his eyeballs as golf balls, and looking prime and ready for the front cover for Men's Fitness Magazine, the President of the Greenjackets says this new logo is more than just a logo. "We wanted an emblem that would represent this new facility, that would represent North Augusta, Augusta, Riverside Village, Hammonds Ferry."

With opening day less than five months away, this unveiling marks another milestone met as fans of all ages anxiously wait for opening day. Tom Denlinger, VP of the Augusta Greenjackets says, "We wanted to develop a logo that the whole CSRA can get behind from whether you're a kid or a grandparent. To kind of tie-in drive memories as we move to our new venue."

The new merchandise goes on sale this Saturday. Many of you have been asking when tickets for the Georgia - Clemson Baseball game at SRP Park will be available for purchase. The VP says "soon" and we'll let you know when it happens

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