Former Grovetown City Clerk facing federal charges

Former Grovetown City Clerk facing federal charges
Former Grovetown City Clerk Vicky Capetillo is now being charged with money laundering and payment theft.  This federal investigation that has been going on since last spring. Capetillo allegedly took at least $5,000 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency which is money that is meant for the citizens says the Mayor of Grovetown, Gary Jones. "It makes me feel as any citizen should — that money goes back to the city to be utilized in what ever it may be needed in."

The former Grovetown City Clerk has been in the hot seat since May of 2016. Starting with the FBI and U.S. Treasury raiding city hall books which resulted in Capetillo facing a lawsuit filed by the city of Grovetown and a federal investigation into the city finances. Back in August of this year, Capetillo was taken into custody in connection with funds being missing from accounts at the Lion's Club. A forensic study is still underway regarding that but mayor Gary Jones is expecting the results to be in soon and for the federal charges to continue. "The audit is going to merely solidfy what the city believes to have transpired and help us to where the funds went and how much it actually was. "

The mayor reassures residents that safety precautions have been put in place to make sure a situation like this does not happen again. "We started with a new City Administrator that is on top of the ball; whereas in the past that was not the case. We have an Accountant Finance Director that is cross checking and back checking everything"

The mayor wants folks to remember federal investigations do take time and that they are nowhere near completion. He says they are well on the road to restoring the city administrations reputation.

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